Circle Lens Mermaid Tears Pink Colored Contact Lenses

Attention: Applicable for all people !The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.

Kate mermaid tears pink contacts put rainbow into your eyes.

How could be a young girl without pink Maybe this mermaid tears pink lenses are the secret be young, girlier and sweet,especially match with popular pink series makeup, it's no doubt that you are the center of crowd. With this mermaid tears color contacts, you will own big charming eyes,at the same time,balance the fivefafeatures,which can make the face seeing smaller visually. With this color contacts,instantly you will get big eyes and small face, how can you not be attractive

7 Smart Features of Mermaid Tears Pink Lenses

1.Kate classical mermaid tears contacts offer you natural exotic style, with high color rendition, applicable for all people. 2.With various sweet color mixed together,people can't help getting lost in these colorful eyes. 3.The ultrathin and watery(38% water content) lenses make your eyes so natural and comfortable.4.The pink contacts is so pretty in short-sighted, however when look out, it's so natural. 5.Adopt sandwich production and high oxygen permeable material ,give you high comfort level6.The mermaid tears contactd is so natural and special,which are necessary for date.7. Yearly color lens-high quality and economic. 7.Kate are realiable and trustable.For pretty, for charming,what are you hesitating about Just wear pink makeup,and mermaid tears color lenses to see your dream lover now.
There are Kate mermaid tears brown lenses for sale, similar as pink, you can have a look if you want.
Water content: 38%

Thickness: 0.004mm

Texture: Polymacon

Base curve: 8.6mm

Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm

Period of use: 12 months

Packaging: 1 Pair(2 lenses)+1 mirror +1 case

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