Circle Lens Lolly Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Attention: Applicable for all people !The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.

Favored by fashion lady, grey color contacts always can offer you elegant and wisdom style. During these so many grey contact lenses, Kate lolly grey is the excellent one that you shouldn't miss.

Detail of Lolly Grey Lenses

1. The biggest features of lolly grey contacts are its edge design, according to the whole flower's style, lolly grey lens show us regular petal shaped, just like vivifying flower open on your eyes.2. Mainly using grey and yellow color made up of rotary figures, the combination of different color petal shaped on lolly grey contact lenses create a steric effect, which made your eyes charming and connotative.

5 Smart Features of Lolly Grey Lenses

1. Adopt latest sandwich painting tech, avoid pigment layer contact cornea directly, safe and comfortable for your eyes. 2. UV Protection All Day. Improved production technology makes Kate lolly grey contacts own strong ability to anti-radiation, which is more suit for internet people, offer an effective protective layer for your eyes. 3. With 14.2mm diameter, compared to other common color contacts,Kate lolly grey contact lenses own obvious enlarge effect, as well as easily wear and remove off. 4. 38% Water content of lolly grey colored contact lenses play an important role to offer you watery eyes. At the same time, delicate lens grain can also let your eyes natural and bright. 5. 0.018mm Center thickness and 8.6mm bjust likeci curve of lolly grey contact lens, making your eyes shining and real.

Water content: 38%

Thickness: 0.004mm

Texture: Polymacon

Base curve: 8.6mm

Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm

Period of use: 12 months

Packaging: 1 Pair(2 lenses)+1 mirror +1 case


Category: Dream, eyes, Flower, Grey, New Arrivals

Type: Dream, Flower, Grey, New Arrivals