Circle Lens Glow Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Attention: Applicable for all people! The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.


Want to change the mood and explore your new style Kate glow grey color contact lenses are definitely your first choices. Welcomed by first class quality, thin lens, and comfortable feeling, Kate glow grey contacts are top 10 hot sale contacts since it published.

4 Important Points of Glow Grey Contacts

1. Color: As special 4 tones color contacts, Kate glow grey contacts make full use of color design. A round halo makes up of light-black on the outer ring and inner ring can enlarge our eyes. Between this halo are radioactive figures consist of light grey and light brown, which give you a deep exotic style. 2. Figures: Based on people real pupil, glow grey contacts hold delicate grain, with the regular figure made by light-grey and light-brown, offer you a clever and classical style.3. 14.2mm Diameter ensures glow grey color lenses can cover your eyes perfectly, you don't worry about the lens slide. 4. Soft Lens. Made by first class silicone hydrogel materials, glow grey color contact lenses are capable to keep your eyes moist all day long. At the same time, these soft glow grey color lenses easily take on and remove off.

Other 5 Smart Features of Glow Grey Contacts

1. Advanced embedded coloring process, a separate pigment layer, and cornea effectively. Using this on Kate glow grey contacts, the pigment won't contact cornea directly, you can rest assure use. 2.UV protection function to protect the health of pupil, which can effectively isolate the ultraviolet light and avoid some eye diseases, giving our eyes more protection. 3.Smooth edge design in glow grey contacts, which designed according to people real pupil, natural and comfortable, without any foreign sensation. 4.Yearly usage. All Kate glow grey contact lenses are year disposable. Advanced tech and excellent materials can preserve moisture for our eyes one year.5. Detail shipping information you can find below, or you can just contact our customer service to track.

Wear Kate glow grey contact lenses, own classical, smart and elegant eyes to enjoy this wonderful world.

Water content: 38%

Thickness: 0.004mm

Texture: Polymacon

Base curve: 8.6mm

Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm

Period of use: 12 months

Packaging: 1 Pair(2 lenses)+1 mirror +1 case


Category: Crystal Ball, EYES, Grey, Natural

Type: Crystal Ball, Grey, Natural