Circle Lens Gaea Series Contact Lens Kit

Attention: Applicable for all people! The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.

Both contain pretty figure and high quality, gaea series contacts are very worth buying. One gaea contact lens kit contain 4 pair different color contacts, which meet all your needs in daily, no matter with light makeup or heavy makeup, gaea always can offer you big eyes and promote image. With thin and soft lens, these gaea lenses is comfortable to wear, without any foreign body sensation. It's also very natural, you can even wear it to take pictures of your ID card. Instead of fussy pattern, gaea lenses just have simple circle, while it will make you look special an full with exotic.Cheap, fashion, good quality and free shipping, is there any reasons that you don't buy it Buy now, you will also get fine gifts.


Category: EYES, Hot Sale, Pink, Weekly Special

Type: Hot Sale, Pink, Weekly Special