Mirrorday Story

MirrorDay is a globally-minded, social-first beauty brand, we go everywhere, watch all nice things, and
collect all beauty ideas. We believe everyone has the freedom of soul to be beautiful. Not the event,
nor the audience, but you. You are the character, the new generation leading the tide of
being nice, you are the opinion leader to be yourself, find whatever suit yourself and be the best of yourself,
you can send us your nice photos to us, and show it on our official social account, each month, we have giveaway activities
for everyone including but not only people with the amount of fans, welcome to contact us for free samples,be voice of the world and our ambassador,contact email: service@mirrorday.com;

At MirrorDay, You are also making the industry less wasteful and save you more. We are committed to focusing on eyelashes and eyeliners at the beginning,
In order to make sure all products won't keep in the warehouse a long time and no expired materials. We also offer a wishlist option for everyone,
when there are quantities enough for mass production, the new product line would be expanded for lovers of Mirrorday.

So Step into the sight, own your spotlight. Celebrating.

Company Name: Shenzhen Meiyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Company address: Room 401, Building D, Shunxing Industrial Zone, No. 10, Zhongxing Road, Ma'antang Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Opening hours: 24 hours