What’s the best lash for my EYE SHAPE pt. 2

As much as we want them, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by too many choices! No one wants to make the wrong one after all. An easy way to narrow down your decision is going by your eye shape. Certain styles are most flattering on specific shapes, so read on to find out which lash styles are your best bet!

Round Eyes look stunning with a wispy lash that really opens up the inner corner. Our most popular last, the 3D Mink Miami is rounded and ultra-wispy that achieves that coveted Insta-worthy glam finish. For a more natural look, our Lite Mink Opulence is perfect. The long and wispy round lashes create a wide-eyed finish to your favorite look without being too heavy.

Deep Set Eyes really pop with some density right at the lash line. The 3D Mink Milan  is fluttery, fluffy, and a little winged out for a sultry cat eye look. Everyone is a fan of our Miami lash, and luckily for you Deep Set Eyes folk, our Miami Lite is a natural, lighter version of this beloved lash and goes beautifully with your eye shape.

Downturned Eyes look great with the fun and flirty lift of a flare lash. The 3D Mink Miami Flare is a sexy spin on everyone’s favorite lash. The same beautiful density and length, but with a winged out lash for a gorgeous cat eye effect. If subtle is more your speed, Luxe is a stunning Lite Mink option with soft depth and volume for a delicate lash flare.

If you’re still unsure which lash style would look best on you, let our experts Lash Match you!