What’s the best lash for my EYE SHAPE pt. 1

  • You know that moment in the dressing room when you realize you aren’t the 5’10 model on the advertisement outside and it just doesn’t look quite right on you? Yeah we’ve all been there. The same thing can happen with lashes because there are so many different EYE SHAPES. Let’s break down the most common ones and which one of our fabulous mink lashes will complement them the best!

    Almond Eyes really benefit from rounded, baby doll style lashes. For a more dramatic lash and the ultimate baby doll look, go for the 3D Lite Mink Lash in Lyla. If natural is more your speed, our Mink Lash in Goddess is a ultra light and delivers that effortless, wispy look.



    Monolid Eyes look best with flared style lashes that lift up the eyes for a sultry vibe. Our 3D Mink Lashes in Doha adds just the right amount of length and volume that gradually increases towards the outer corner for a flirty cat eye finish. For a lighter lash, our Lite Mink Lash in Luxe is perfect. It adds a subtle flourish of depth and volume for a gorgeous lash flare.

    Hooded Eyes need help creating the illusion of openness with lash styles that are longer in the outer corner or the middle.  Our uniquely chic 3D Rome Lash creates just that for any daytime glam or night out look. And for a more natural option, our Diamonds Lash adds the most subtle length and volume and is completely comfortable for an all-day, everyday wear.

    Don’t see your eye shape here? Check out Part 2!