The Eyelash Tools Your Makeup Routine Needs

Remember how beautiful your lashes were when you first got them? Absolutely pristine, perfectly curved and even and you just couldn’t wait to glam up and show them off. And then remember how crazy they looked when you took them off? Yeah, so do we. But all it takes is some proper care to get them back in shape, looking all brand new. Easy to do with the proper tools!



Keep your falsies in chic shape with this smooth cutting tool. The short blades are tailor made for for false lashes and will provide the perfect cut every time. Trim up the inner corner to customize your lashes to your specific eye shape. Trust us, that will make a world of difference and stop that inner corner from falling into your eye. You can also use it to add some flare throughout if that’s your desired look.



The makeup bag essential! Was there ever a more fun tool than an eyelash curler? Sneaking into your mom’s makeup bag, putting on red lipstick, and trying to figure out this wonderful contraption is a rite of passage for glam girls everywhere. A must have for creating enviable lash looks and getting that perfectly effortless curl. Use it on your natural lashes to lengthen or with your falsies to help bind and blend your lashes for a seamless transition.




A beauty tool ESSENTIAL and a falsies must have. The quickest way to master that perfect lash application is to get familiar with our lash applicator. As simple to use as tweezers but without any chance of injury, this glam tool is truly a lash applying hero. Placing lashes shouldn’t be a long or difficult process, cut the struggle down to an easy few seconds with our applicator.



Every lash needs some glue, duh! Squeeze tubes are easily accessible, but as you well know, MESSY. Our sleek design comes with an easy glide brush on applicator that applies evenly to your falsies. Now it’s simple to add a little extra coverage in the pesky corners without drowning your lash in too much glue. Serious life saver.




Picture it: You should’ve left for the function 20 minutes ago, the group chat is blowing up, and you’re still getting ready. You’re seconds away from over baking, but you’re stuck waiting for your lash glue to dry down. The Uber you ambitiously called cancels on you and looking in the mirror you know you’re in for major flashback tonight so you’ve got to start your glam all over again. Wouldn’t have happened if you had our Lash Rack holding your lashes while the glue was drying and your hands were free.



Lash Compact

You know you threw away the plastic container your lashes came in immediately. Every time you stack them up, your lashes get compromised and flat. Forget about putting them in your makeup bag, they’ll be gone for good. Our storage case is the perfect container to store or carry around your lashes. Cut the amount of space your lashes take up in your makeup bag by 1/3. Plus its so cute!